Kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka

Kitesurfing spots in Kalpitiya - Sri Lanka

. Down here there is a list with the top kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka: · The most famous spot to learn kitesurfing in Sri Lanka is the Kalpitiya lagoon because of the flat and show water · The Dream spot is another famous spot near Kalpitiya. Super good wind and side shore wind, what makes this sport perfect for beginners. · The Donkey Point. This kite spot is the perfect place to kite in the ocean and it is located in a cape very near Kalpitiya town · The Kappaladi lagoon, another famous spot to learn kitesurfing. This lagoon is located about 45 minutes driving south Kalpitia · Ippantivu island, also one of the best places to kite in Sri Lanka. This is is a quite small kite spot comparing other spots, however kiting here is like kiting in Vella!

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Kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka